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Why Shoe Laces?

Fashion is defined by the clothes and shoes we wear. You know what's not part of that definition? Shoelaces. The thing that literally ties it all together.

We think it's time shoelaces got their time on the runway, too.

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Penny Pack at the LNC Farmers Markert
1725 Huntingdon Rd
Evolution Candy Pop Up Shop!
Evolution Candy
Horsham Farmers Market
Horsham Township Community Center
Penny Pack Farmers Market
1725 Huntingdon Rd
Evolution Candy Popup Shop
45 E State St
Penny Pack Farmers Market
1725 Huntingdon Rd

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We want you to love your shoelaces. Throughout history nobody has ever really done anything to their shoelaces! Now it's time for something different.

We started in March of 2020 our collection of six designs, we now have a seventh coming out very soon!

Spiffy Laces revolves around YOU and with your feedback and design ideas is how we build our awesome collection and because of that Spiffy Laces can only get better. 


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