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Why Shoe Laces?

Fashion is defined by the clothes and shoes we wear. You know what's not part of that definition? Shoelaces. The thing that literally ties it all together.

We think it's time shoelaces got their time on the runway, too.


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We sell shoelaces with fun and creative designs. Our mission is to put a different product into the world that is an instant eye catcher to anyone that sees it.

We want you to love what we sell and we put 100% of our effort into making that true as possible. New designs will always be coming out, changes will always be being made, and you will always be satisfied with what we bring to the table. And if you're not we'll change it in a heartbeat. 

Spiffy Laces revolves around YOU and with your feedback and suggestions is how we create products. We need your help to build this company and with your support Spiffy Laces will only get better. We are looking forward to starting our journey with you as one of the first crazy shoelace companies.


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